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The Entrepreneurship Conference that You Cannot Miss!

Are you a successful entrepreneur?
Do you know how to bridge the gap between Passion & Profit?
Are your competitors Friends of Foe?
How do you reach your 10th year milestone and take the leap beyond?

These are just some of the burning questions that we as Creative Entrepreneurs ask often. In addition, this is THE one trip you will only need to make to meet more than 100 liked-minded business owners all in one place. There are many opportunities to exchange and ideas to explore that will expand our horizon together and gain insights on how to our grow our business into the next level.

Leap Inspire Conference 2016 - Why Siem Reap?

If asked to sum up the people of Siem Reap in 3 words, they will be generous, collaborative and passionate. In equal measure, these 3 words are the defining qualities of every successful entrepreneur we know.

In this video, discover why Siem Reap, Cambodia was chosen as the venue of our inaugural conference for creative entrepreneurs. Hannah & Kim share their personal thoughts about the place and her people and explain why this hidden treasure is the embodiment of all that the conference aims to share with our participants.


Leap Inspire 2016 - The Vision

Many have asked us “What is Leap Inspire? Why this conference? How can I benefit from this?”. In this video, our founders answer some questions you may be asking.

Discover the vision behind Leap Inspire 2016 – First Asia Conference for Empowering Creative Entrepreneurs. Learn more about what you will gain and why the Leap Inspire Conference 2016 is for you.

As Hannah & Kim share their heartbeat for Leap Inspire, we hope that you will catch our excitement and join us on this exhilarating ride to the next leap in your entrepreneurship!