Who Should Attend

Creative & Retail Entrepreneurs

No artisan can hone his craft in solitude; no entrepreneur can grow his business without assistance.

Every artisan and entrepreneur, old and new, who believes in the synergies reaped from collaborations and empowerment, this is the conference for you. This is also for those of you who strive to be influencers in your industry as this Conference will serve to be an effective channel for marketing communications and a strategic network for intelligent collaborations.

From the creative players in the special events industry such as planners, designers, florists, decorators, to the backend deployment managers such as the lighting and sounds, the logistics team, the Food & Beverage catering etc, we believe this is the Conference that you have been waiting for.

So we welcome the following industry players namely:

  • Special Events Planners
  • Wedding Planners
  • Hoteliers, F&B Caterers
  • Bridal & Gown Designers
  • Floral Desigers, Florists and Venue Stylists
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Fashion Stylists, Make-up Artists & Hairstylists
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Creative Retailers such as Cake Artisans, Stationery Designers, Accessories Retailers, Props Makers etc.
  • Entertainers such as the Musicians, the Performing Arts Entrepreneurs
  • Your Spouse and Lifelong Partner

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